full moon

I know the moon is there, and maybe it is full.
The last time I saw it was a week ago,
side by side in the sky
with the orange glow of Mars.

But now there is no night sky,
only the bleak blackness of rain clouds,
and a cold wind is blowing.
I stand in the dark,
a lone traffic light changes colors at an empty corner.
It will be a long time
before I see the moon and stars again.

The rain seems thicker when the wind blows,
my blue-jeaned legs feel damp and cold.
I retreat from the loneliness of the street,
pulling the shadow of my dog behind me
and quickly into the house.

We both stand by the fire;
she loves it when I dry her with a towel.
It is the fullness and timeless comfort
of this space and this light
that keeps me company tonight.

writing to a prompt: full moon


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2 responses to “full moon

  • Maureen Ingram

    This is beautiful. I love how there is light at the beginning and the end of the poem – the opening, wistful, wishing to see the light of the full moon; the end, the comfort of light inside the house, as you dry your dog. Such a mournful, haunting, beautiful opening – “I know the moon is there, and maybe it is full.”

  • fireflytrails

    Your words, always so well chosen, speak so much truth. I feel the sadness and the longing, and I hope the blues are just from the weather. The inside warmth of the fire gives hope!

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