this is the kind of duck I want to be

Tears were in my eyes as I shared my experience.  He sat me down, reached for something off his bookshelf and plopped it on the table in front of me.  It was a Beany Baby duck.  “When I was working in the middle school as an intern, I had the same kind of experiences you are describing.  A fellow colleague brought me this duck as a reminder I need to learn to let things flow off my back like water off a duck.”

I was comforted by his telling the story and have spent some time now thinking about how to let things roll off my back without becoming unresponsive to the cares at the core the concern.

Today at the stationary store my eyes were caught by the images on this card.  I picked it up to read and decided it is the perfect thank you for the advice of my friend.  Inside it says: “Our friendship is the real thing.”



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4 responses to “this is the kind of duck I want to be

  • GirlGriot

    Love this story! And that card is super cute. I’m glad you had someone to give you that excellent advice in such a warm way. I think I might need to go find myself a little duck to keep around as a reminder!

  • readingtothecore

    What a great reminder! Learning to “let things flow of my back like water off a duck” is so important, but can be such a challenge. Thanks for sharing!

  • spillarke

    Adorable card. It’s perfect for the thank you. It can be difficult to let things go–good advice though.

  • Terje

    I went back reading your slices, and I heard your heart speak. The one about the china bear and yesterday’s post touched me the most. reading your slice today made me think how sometimes just the right words reach us.

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