favorite word(s)

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hMy husband gets frustrated when I’m engaged in conversation with him and throw in ambiguous words like “thingey” and “jibber-jabber.  He is one who chooses his words carefully and deliberately – sometimes irritatingly so – but it is important to him to communicate effectively rather than succinctly.  (Isn’t that word delicious!!)

My father is a Scrabble fanatic and he knows words I can’t believe are really worth the claim of being vocabulary – – much less earning points! Imagine spelling out a two letter word such as “el” and “em” for the letters “l” and “m.”  How ridiculous is that!

I go to bed much earlier than Mike does but he always comes in to give me a kiss.  The word that popped into my head the other night was “canoodle.”  Isn’t that a fun word?

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One response to “favorite word(s)

  • Crystal Brooks

    I love words and I love stretching my vocabulary. I just read a piece on new words added to the English Dictionary for 2014. Whackadoodle was my favorite entry.

    Love the contrast you show between your style and your husbands style.

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