The notice  for the women’s retreat invites me to bring a favorite Bible verse, hymn, poem, anything speaking to me right now. Wow, what a delightful enterprise to contemplate.

Since I’m right in the middle of reading favorite things, I’ll  leave this little invitation I created with Flowpaper for you all – especially if you are heading off into a spring break (like me) or into the end of your school year or just into April:

come dance

Come Dance!


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One response to “invitation

  • mgminer

    Hello! Tonight it was my turn to read through the last month (and more) of your writing. Yes – I do believe we have much in common – a love of words, a love of yarn, a respect for process, and a seeking heart. I was enriched by your poems. Lovely. I also try to greet the children in the hall ways by name. They look at me funny sometimes.

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