Only every day

I heard the end of an interview on the radio today and it inspired these words:

“Only every day,”
was his answer to the question.
only every day

What was the question?
Do you think of…
do you miss…
do you love…
do you long for..

What question would you answer with those three little words?
What deserves all of your attention
Only every day.


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daughter, sister, wife, mom, early childhood specialist, creator of poems, photos and sweaters View all posts by Ameliasb

2 responses to “Only every day

  • shaggerspicchu

    How often do you smile?
    Do you miss your family?
    When are you happy?
    When do you write?
    Any of those questions might work for me!

  • fireflytrails

    Right now I am consumed with organizing “stuff” and getting ready for our daughter and son-in-law to move in with us for a while as well as looking towards retirement at the end of this school year. But that’s just what’s happening NOW. Every single day I think of my blessings and I say thanks.

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