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one wheel ran by faith, the other ran by the grace of God…

Ezekiel saw two wheels a-rollin’,
way in the middle of the air.
A wheel within a wheel a-rollin’,
way in the middle of the air.
One wheel ran by faith,
the other ran by the grace of God.
A wheel within a wheel a-rollin’,
way in the middle of the air

This song came to me as I sat down to write tonight. Do you know this feeling?
spinning on the tip of my finger
solid humming weight holding fast
even as it seems so precariously wild with motion
I am a gyroscope
in motion and spinning on some string
held taut by faith and grace11454297503_e27946e4ff_h

when did you know your full potential?

I haven’t posted in a while but my mind is blazing with this question!

Why is this question burning holes in my brain???? Because I heard a teacher say today she felt she could determine a child’s potential when they were in her class.  “Was she a teacher of college or high school students?” you might ask.


She a teacher of children in a primary classroom.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I knew my own potential until I was at least 30.  If my son’s teacher’s had been asked to name his future in kindergarten or first grade, they might have been pretty positive.  In 3rd grade and 9th grade the report would have been abysmal.  I still can’t say I know what his future will be like but guess what??  He gets to decide his potential – not me, or some teacher with limited vision!


the prompt from Write Alm is “prelude”

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hand so it has come to this
we sit side by side on the sofa in the evenings to play games
we smile as the cat goes from lap to lap
you make the better pancakes,
I make tastier scrambled eggs
if I cook, you clean
and vice versa
we are becoming our parents
more and more with time

importance of play

NPR has been doing a series on the importance  of play.  I have found the message of the series one to wonder about as I was in the midst of a playful vacation with my nieces and nephews – all in their 20’s, and especially as I engaged in playing with my grand nephew who is 16 months old.  The series has me recalling my own childhood play, the play I tried to encourage in my own children and still do in my classroom.  The episode on winning was especially provocative as I turn now to a new year of school and think about the words I want to choose to use when I’m engaged in play with my young students.

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