when did you know your full potential?

I haven’t posted in a while but my mind is blazing with this question!

Why is this question burning holes in my brain???? Because I heard a teacher say today she felt she could determine a child’s potential when they were in her class.  “Was she a teacher of college or high school students?” you might ask.


She a teacher of children in a primary classroom.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I knew my own potential until I was at least 30.  If my son’s teacher’s had been asked to name his future in kindergarten or first grade, they might have been pretty positive.  In 3rd grade and 9th grade the report would have been abysmal.  I still can’t say I know what his future will be like but guess what??  He gets to decide his potential – not me, or some teacher with limited vision!


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5 responses to “when did you know your full potential?

  • Anonymous

    Wondering if the extra clinker in this is using the word full. So many ways to come into full ness. mike

  • fireflytrails

    I agree with the question about the adjective “full.” As a teacher I was guilty (?) of trying to determine each student’s potential – and determined to push them towards that goal. But that was just for fourth grade – or reading in first grade – or whatever they were learning at the time. Determining a full potential is, I think, a different matter. Having just retired, and wondering what might lie ahead, I think I am still trying to find my own “full potential.” But your point it well made. Sometimes that way of thinking might be holding someone back, rather than pushing them forward. And it would take an omniscient mind as well – something I am glad I don’t have!

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps realizing one’s potential is more a matter of balancing where one has been with where one is with where one wishes to go; letting go of what can be released while reaching out for what might attained.

    Can this be suggested to children and be of use to them in how they make choices? mike

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