so what does your day look like tomorrow?

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hThis question has been a part of our evening routine for as long as I can remember.  One of us asks, both of us answer, and hopefully we know a little bit about the schedule each of us is anticipating  before we are back at the dinner table the next night.

Today, my husband asked the question first and my response was to throw my hands went up in the air in that quizzical way we all recognize. My verbal answer was, “Well it’s the first day of school and it is anybody’s guess.”

His reply, “but you’ve done this before” just made me guffaw!  Yes, but first days only come around once every 365 days.   I kind of do the same thing each year – but there’s always some new twist.  And the biggest tangle of the day is something I have no control over – the kids are brand new – to school, to me, to each other.

I start rattling all of this stuff off and my husband says, “You sound a little manic.”

A little!!

“And then,” I tell him, “I get to do the second day of school – which is another whole ball game.”

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One response to “so what does your day look like tomorrow?

  • fireflytrails

    I can remember my first day of school as a teacher so vividly! The blue dress, the fish sticks for lunch, the split grade of 4th and 5th grade students, the wall of windows in the classroom – everything. And then, for 34 more years, I had another first day of school. I never slept well the night before – who could? No matter how many times you do the first day, each is unique. Hope it went well – and the second day even better!

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