finding my way back

I haven’t posted in a long time – a month.  It isn’t that I haven’t been writing.  I have: letters to my congregation, articles for newsletters, some carefully crafted emails and some slap-dash ones, progress notes at school, documentation on students, professional development plans for colleagues.  All kinds of writing, writing, writing and I’m realizing that putting myself out in words in all these ways zaps my inclination to do it here.

I’ve also become aware of the role of vulnerability in my writing.  In other years, most of my writing beyond my blog was information based – someone asking a question and me answering, or I was doing some note taking for myself or someone else, or drafting reflections that I eventually posted here.  My blog was a place for me to “show up” in a vulnerable way.

But recently, the writing I’ve been doing for my church and at work has demanded that my vulnerability  “show up” there as well – as a professional, as a member of a church community, as a person with values and principals, a caring individual with energy to lend or listen or lift up a common concern.  Tapping my inner resources for this other writing has tapped me out for my blog writing.

I just got an image of a maple syrup tap in a tree – maybe I just need to get my sap running again.


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