Daily Archives: 01/11/2015

who knew there could be brilliance in doing nothing

The story on NPR this morning about the way we are using our screens to fill up our time made me stop and think about what would happen if I didn’t give in to the impulse to

1) look things up on Google at the drop of a hat, or

2) check email when I’m just sure I should be getting a response to a question I asked earlier in the day, (or worry that I’d better check because I probably have to respond to someone else’s questions) or

3) play Mahjong or Solitaire or Yahtzee – supposedly to “wind down.”

It isn’t that I’m obsessive or even compulsive about checking my phone or my tablet but I’m sure the act of checking and using them the way I do is filling up time in my day when I might otherwise have been —  what — daydreaming? napping? bored? twiddling my thumbs? engaged in something – anything – else?

I do knit – and I can’t really check screens when I’m knitting.  And I do read a bit before bedtime.  But there are times in my afternoons and weekends when one little search for information leads to a click on another site or I have to look up something else up to fill in a gap in my information.  Bored and Brilliant is the title of the NPR story and if I wasn’t wandering down those rectangular little rabbit holes, I probably would be doing some creative thinking of my own. Perhaps I’d be more inspired in my writing – which has taken a nose-dive into a cave for a long winter’s nap.

So the next time I find myself wondering about something, I’m going to keep wondering instead of wandering – and perhaps I’ll write something brilliant.