i am not a foodie

The prompt is about food and my stomach sinks.

They say there are people who live to eat and those who eat to live.  While I am not totally in one category or the other I definitely sit closer to the right side of that sentence. I think a little bit about where food comes from and a little bit about how it tastes, but mostly I just want to put it in my belly so I’m not hungry and can move on to doing the stuff I enjoy more.

The Pacific Northwest is an area where people are always talking about food.  There is a big farm to table movement here and we have access to fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, and dairy. There are almost as many markets as churches.  But it is expensive too, and somethings I see just seem nutty: a whole store dedicated to olive oils, islands in the market dedicated to fancy cheeses, salsas, olives and other condiments, bakeries as prevalent as latte stands.

I have friends who love to cook and whose entertaining I have thoroughly enjoyed but I just wonder about whether it could all happen with a little less of “the perfect.”   But I am really not a great judge of taste – because mine isn’t especially developed.   I grew up with a casserole queen and sometimes carry on the tradition grandly – just substituting rice for the noodles.

So when asked to take pictures of food as a creative prompt, I struggle to find a suitable something to capture.  I love the texture of the containers, dishes, silverware and napkins that accompany everything I eat so maybe I’ll take a picture of those, and if some of the food gets in the photo, so be it.


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6 responses to “i am not a foodie

  • Holly Mueller

    Ha – interesting! I am probably more in the “live to eat” category. I don’t like to grocery shop or cook, though. I want people to cook for me! 😉 I enjoyed your Slice.

  • fireflytrails

    Alas, I wish I didn’t “live to eat” but it is a favorite pastime – especially when someone else is preparing the food. I am not a great cook but I enjoy the camaraderie of a good meal shared with friends or family! I am sure your photos will tell a wonderful story as always. Those items you mentioned are part of an enjoyable meal, too!

  • Maureen Ingram

    I think your last line is so much fun! Maybe the foodies need to see some of your napkin photos – maybe a meal is about a little more than the food?
    I totally relate to your culinary skills – loving food, raised on yummy casseroles. 😉

  • Jaana

    Foodie pics are fun! There are no rules what they must include. Nothing can beat a good casserole as long as there are no mushrooms in it!

  • Juliann

    Food is a loaded prompt for me too. But the colors are amazing and the idea of the things that accompany my food are a great place to land.

  • michelle gd

    such an interesting reflection. i really enjoyed your thoughts and perspective…all true to you and so very valid.
    the dishes and silverware, the napkins and table…all of that is part of your experience. if that draws you in, let that be your inspiration. or not.
    maybe food just isn’t a thing for you. and that’s okay too.

    {i grew up with lots of casseroles too!}

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