a week thinking about “light”

week 2: 28 moments: light

1) Last Saturday, Valentine’s Day, my hubby and I went to IHOP. It was a gorgeous sunny morning.  Here we were sitting at an iconic American restaurant table with its rack of four kinds of syrup and over-sized menus and Mike says, “The light reminds me of breakfast in the Sudan.”  What?

Mike lived in the Sudan when he was 10 and apparently it was one of the few places he lived where he remembers sunlight at a breakfast table.  I think my sunniest memories are from Cape Cod at my grandparents house.

2) I spent the week doing a little research to help plan activities for a mother-daughter retreat at our church which took place on Friday and Saturday night.  The theme was “Dreams” – and making dreams come true.  I found a website that suggested applying this acronym for LIGHT to a vision board:
L – for legacy
I – for impact
G – for gifts
H-for habit
T – for time
I also found this quote by Joel Barker: Vision without action is a dream.  Action without vision is simply passing the time.  Action with Vision is making a positive difference.

3) We often speak about darkness as “the absence of light.”  I don’t usually say the opposite – “light is the absence of dark.”  I enjoy the contrast of light against darkness or darkness warmed by light.  I made this felted rock which shows the qualities of light and dark I notice the most.




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