SOL – 3/14


I tend to write my slices in the morning before work or at the end of the day quickly before the cut-off time of 9 pm PST.  I may be fresh in the morning but my thoughts are not fully formed.  By evening they are fleshed out  but have become too raw from over exposure. Writing once a week offers better refinement – but vulnerability is a great teacher.
The Woes of a Part time Writer

I wake writing greetings from dreamland to daytime,
thoughts dancing with sunbeams across the page.
My words are fresh, eager, benevolent,
but the incessant tick of the clock
steals coherency and poetic grace,
finally halting the process  all together.

Trying to write before going to bed,
my words fall naked on a dimly lit page
unable to be wary in their weariness.
So many emotions fill the lines until
my sleepiness begs them to stop.
Pulling the comforter  up over unfinished phrases
I am released from their siren call.
Once more I go to where the stars are writing
wordless dreams in my head.


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4 responses to “SOL – 3/14

  • Donna Smith

    Loved the vulnerability at times in writing. Loved this line: “unable to be wary in their weariness” . Sleep well tonight!

  • raeily

    “Pulling the comforter up over unfinished phrases”

    “Thoughts dancing with sunbeams across the page”

    Two of my favorite lines.
    You are truly a talented writer, if this is you struggling, my goodness, you are a genius. I relate complete with what you wrote but I could never put out down with such grace. I hope someday I can grow to have a forth your talent.

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Amanda

    This is beautiful! While I almost always post in the evening, I can relate to the struggle of both ends of the spectrum. Thank you so much for putting this into such a terrific poem. Lovely!

  • fireflytrails

    There are so many word pictures in this beautiful piece. And I can relate to all of them. I love the idea of words dancing around in your head, and the contrast between bursts of morning energy in a race against time and too much weariness at the end of a busy day, yet this line sticks with me, about your thoughts that “have become too raw from over exposure.” I have been thinking too much about some things lately. All good things, but ones I need to let go of and put God in change of. Thanks for letting your words speak to me about this.

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