SOL – 3/16


a little slice of preschool
I have a pocket chart in my classroom with pictures and labels for the 12 significant parts of our preschool day: bus, circle time, table time, breakfast, toothbrushing, outside time, free choice time, clean up, circle time, lunch time, rug time, bus. Everyday my students come in, sit on the rug and as we review these 12 routines I tell them about activities we’ll be doing at certain points of the day such as a book title or the science experiment.

I have 11 students learning English as a second language and this daily language routine helps them refine the nouns and verbs that go with our day. I have one eager student who names every pocket for me as we go along but sometimes he says things that have the right syllable count but are the wrong word, or he says the words I tend to say at the time of that daily routine – such as “ten on top, time to stop” – which is the phrase I use at clean up time.

The other day I got a big laugh from the word he called out when I pointed to the toothbrush picture: “dishwasher.”


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One response to “SOL – 3/16

  • lynnjake

    Sweet. I bet they are adorable. I teach English Learners as well, but they are in Middle school. Yeah. They have occasional cute moments, but nothing like a Kindergartener!

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