SOL – 3/18



because 9:00 pm PST is coming soon, these words are tumbling out….

I peruse poetry and book shelves
and wonder at the titles.
I’m curious about the choices
for particular phrases and words.
Sometimes I’m envious,
wishing I had thought of them first.

In my own life, taglines often appear in my head
to go with events unfolding
or to summarize all that has just occurred.
Like captions in a newspaper,
I want to clip them out and hang on them on the wall,
and say “See, there it is in black and white”
and then be done with them.

I really wish my thoughtful headlines happened the other way around.
I would like to choose a magical or especially illustrative set of words
and then create poetry or a story or a song to go with them.
In fact, it would be wonderful to create a whole day
to go with a set of words.

and what would those words be I wonder….


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