SOL – 3/24

Well I missed the 9:00 PST deadline to post my blog entry. Oh well, so I missed one. I’m not really writing for their challenge anyway, I’m writing to challenge myself. And I happen to live in the west, so writing before midnight my time is my goal!!


slice today:
The substitute aide I’ve had in my classroom this last month while my regular aide is on maternity leave is a dairy farmer with her husband. And it just so happens the milk delivered to our school comes from their dairy. So whenever my students consume thier whole carton of milk she waves her arms in the air, wiggles her hips and sings “my cows are happy, my cows are happy.”
My preschoolers love this little ritual and more cartons are being drained to the last drop because of it. Today one of my barely verbal kiddos finished his milk, held up his carton to indicate it was empty and so Cheryl pulled him up from his chair to do her little dance only this time it was Angel who was singing the words “cows are happy, cows are happy!”


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