SOL – 3/28



I ripped it all out.
A whole sweater’s worth of knitting
has been rolled back into balls
stashed in a basket
awaiting inspiration,
for something different
to become of them.

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8 responses to “SOL – 3/28

  • Carrie Horn

    Oh my! That does sound a bit like my slices of life though! I type a whole bunch and then I delete it and then I type, delete. That’s my sweater! lol. I get frustrated with crochet. I can’t keep my stitches even and end up ripping out the whole scarf or blanket or whatever my yarn was once destined to be!

  • SJR

    you ripped out a whole sweater?! I hate when I have to do that. But I did write a slice today, even posted it, then deleted it and wrote a new one. That was a lot easier than ripping out a whole sweater would have been. You are very brave.

  • peteacher1

    Though this sounds very frustrating, your slice didn’t lead me to believe you were all that frustrated about it, Rather you went on to say that it would just wait until you were inspired to do something with the yarn, That struck me as so positive despite all the time it took you to knit the sweater you just ripped out. A story’s worth in just a few lines. Good slice!

  • Sheri Edwards

    Life is what happens while you were busy making other plans. I love that line by John Lennon. And like your wonderful poem says, we await inspiration for something different to become. Thanks for the positivity!

  • blkdrama

    Brave! I am sure the new version will be worth it, right?

  • Stacey Shubitz

    You are courageous. I can’t imagine yanking out a sweater’s worth of yarn. (Granted I don’t knit!) Good luck with what will come next!

  • fireflytrails

    I have no doubt this was the right decision, but now I am curious… why?

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