See What We Get

I was telling a friend of mine that all of us are poets because we are speaking and writing in poetry form all the time.  Here is an example – my sister wrote a quick email yesterday and when I read it, my inner poet just had to put it in a poem. So thank you, Sia and Gary; I got a poem from your hard work.

I picked up a couple tomato plants at Costco.

The plan was:

dig a couple holes plant and wait for the yummy tomatoes.

But as usual, it expanded into an entire weekend project.

We ended up planting 14 plants: tomatoes, zucchini, squash, cucumber and red bell peppers.

We dug up the dirt (can’t bring myself to call it soil,)
in a roughly 6 foot x 6 foot area.
Gary made a 1/4 screen strainer and we processed all that dirt.
Got rid of all the
and misc things.
Then we read “plant guide.”
“Space plants 36-48 inches apart.”
Well, tough luck.
We will see what we get.
Now we will make good use of all our collected rain water.

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