how about you?

Two weeks or so ago I read Giraffes Can’t Dance to my preschool students. Their favorite part was the chimps doing the cha cha.  When we got to the part where Gerald is talking to the cricket, we all stood up and closed our eyes and got “dreamy” as one of my students put it, and did our own dance steps.

Today I went around with a clipboard and images of Gerald and interviewed everyone while they ate breakfast.  “So”, I began, “what is something you love to do and you do it well, or maybe others tell you you are really good at it?”  My second question asked the flip side, “What do you wish you could do better?” Finally, “Who could you ask to help you with that?”

Oooooh I love 4 year old minds!

RoseAlyn closed her eyes and kept saying “hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm.”  Finally she said she was good at Tai Chi, she needed help putting the covers on her bed and daddy could help her with that.

Tyden told me he was good at running but he wants to learn how to tie shoes and his cousin can teach him that.

Sofia decided after lots of discussion that she was good at dancing but she wants to learn how to do cartwheels like Gerald and mom could probably help her.

Most of the students referenced their parents as the ones who can help them but not all of them did and I found that interesting.  I love that some children are able to name other mentors in their lives.   The successes and challenges they named were as unique as they are and as well as I know my students,  I was surprised by every one of them.  image


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5 responses to “how about you?

  • Gretchen Staebler

    Love it. My grandson just got that book. I was looking forward to reading it to him this week, but he had other things on his mind. I really wanted to read it to myself, but decided to wait until I could read it with him. The suspense is killing me!

  • raeily

    I love this. I love how thoughtful they all seem. Sometimes is like pulling teeth when you ask questions like this with students of all ages.

    I think I’m pretty good at writing but can always improve and I think the SOL community helps me with that. 😉

  • Haddon Musings

    You show great respect for your little ones by asking them those type of questions. I have found that preschool age children give the most unexpected answers because they are so completely honest. You obviously enjoy teaching them. They are fortunate to have you. Please continue with the questions and share with us the answers.

  • fireflytrails

    Such great questions! You seek to really know your students – and this shows how much you care. And since your title is “how about you?” I will tell you that I can write notes to others well (congrats, thinking of you, etc.), and I need help with losing weight. I am trying to figure out who can help me with that. I think the real answer is “me.”

  • Maureen Ingram

    Love your questions – and their responses! 4’s do not hesitate to answer these challenging questions, do they? So sweet to know who their mentors are! And, I love that you are introducing the concept that we can seek help, that others may know how to help us. Fabulous!

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