I went out for ten minutes…

I took a ten minute walk with my camera. I didn’t drive to any place special or walk beyond the end of my block.  I just went a little ways away from home and then turned off onto a path into the woods.  I’ve been there before but not often.  The last time was in  winter.

I downloaded my pictures and noticed my walk was less than 15 minutes. Here are a few of my noticings and a poem:

10 min four      10 min two    10 min ten  IMG_0696  IMG_0675

I am always noticing leaves.

On my walks I wonder at these tender bits of greenery,
seeing each leaf distinctly from the whole bush or tree or grassy clump,
so much life before my eyes.

One by one I stop to look them over:
this one on a stalk, facing the sun,
prominent veins delicately outlined by light and shadow,
another has thorns just below its innocently upturned face,
still other leaves have fallen to the path
soon to be decimated by footfalls,
or to slowly disappear with time.

They are so populous and there are so many of the same kind
and yet I love to appreciate each one as it is in its place of appearance.
These leaves remind me of humanity – so abundant,
populating the ends of the earth,
but each person so unique
and in the world for just a fragment of time.


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