Enjoying connecting time

Now that I’m on vacation, it is wonderful to be able to take time with and for friends.  I am not spending every minute out and about; I am catching up on sleep, starting and finishing projects, doing some housecleaning and watching favorite shows on Netflix.  But I am treasuring moments like these:

Texts back and forth with a walking buddy – sometimes we’re able to get time together, sometimes not but our little check-ins keep us connected

Celebrating a 65th birthday with a friend with an overnight at her house, a barbecue, strawberries on ice cream, a walk in the neighborhood and a morning chat in our pj’s

Helping another friend complete a sewing project – 3 hours together, talking, laughing and feeling pride in work

A spontaneous visit from our upstairs neighbor, someone I’m still getting to know

I have had extra time for family too: longer chats with my daughter on the phone, coffee chats with my son in the morning, connecting with my sister in MN, country drives with my parents, connecting with in-laws.  I enjoy my weekends during the school year but there is nothing like the time I have in summer to catch up with what is most important.


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