Exhale the Unwild

there’s a little back story to this poem in my last post

Exhale the Unwild

I traveled roads and charted seasIMG_1072
desiring entrance to this wild temple sanctuary.
Exposed arms and rocky shore
held me at bay, questioning such trespass.
With passionate curiosity and vigilance
I looked into untamed eyes
and saw beyond the forest veil and breathless deep.
Solace came as I played gently
in this garden of coves and islands,
silent sentinels of spruce and hemlock guarding precious keep. 06-IMG_0889

35-IMG_1736  20-IMG_1245  39-IMG_1927  45-IMG_2012

I exhaled my unwild
And as awe and wonderment became my companions
my spirit found a way to be free.
With dawn and dusk my only references to present tense,
I witnessed a live and valiant truce holding space and preservation of place.
Only when the lullabies of history whispered
from dark crevices of folded time
and glacier mists wrapped me in reverie
did I become truly awake to my own wild promise deep within me:





my experience as passenger on Wilderness Explorer, SE Alaska June 20-27, 2015

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