jury duty

I’ve never served on jury duty before.  I was called to it about 10 years ago but there were no cases and so my term expired without service.  But this time has been different.  I was dismissed from the current case but not until I went through an entire day yesterday of getting orientation and filling out a questionnaire and 6 hours today of discussion between the lawyers and the 80 others in the jury pool.

While I didn’t like the chit chat going on behind me that made it hard to hear, I did like witnessing and being a part of the process.  I’ve found out I don’t need to call in again until next Sunday so who knows, maybe my term will expire again without serving but I’m a lot more informed regardless of the outcome.

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One response to “jury duty

  • kathleenjeannebritto

    Ah, jury duty. I’ve been sent home quickly before, but the last time I was almost called to the box. The only thing that prevented it was that I had a personal connection to a simmilar case, and I feared I couldn’t be impartial. I’m surprised that people were talking during the selection process. In my experience, the bailiff was all over the jury pool to make sure that didn’t happen.

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