summer reads so far

Summer is my time to read.  I’m the kind of person who falls down rabbit holes when I read.  Like – gone. Whether the bottle says “drink me” or not, the potion has been consumed and I have become whatever I need to be to enter Wonderland.  The present day world as I know it is far away and I am not able to come back to it very easily.

So I only really read when I can disappear.  Summer is that time.  I used to read a book every two days.  I’m not quite there this year but this is what I’ve got dog eared or returned to the library or the cloud so far:

H is for Hawk
Tiny Beautiful Things
The Thirteenth Disciple
All the Light We Cannot See
A Man Called Ove

I’m glad trips to Wonderland don’t require frequent-flyer miles.

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