Today was the day

Today was the day I dreaded when I came to Grunewald. I wasn’t sure when it would happen; I thought it might happen earlier in the week but no, it was today, Thursday.

What was this dread all about? I anticipated a point in these workshops when fear would rear its ugly head and I would be paralyzed in m process and not know how to keep going. I have to say the teachers of this class have done a wonderful job of easing us all into the learning and experimenting, teaching us different techniques in a sequence that put the most accessible ones first while letting us see possibilities as they demonstrated.

But today was hump day. We had been shown several techniques and had all begun to move on to our 2nd and even 3rd boards so it was time to assert our own creative instincts and have at it. Which almost everyone did. But I froze.

Finally I decided to experiment using a poem I’d recently written and add some color and texture to it but it took me half an hour of wondering around campus because being in the studio just had me panicking. Finally I paid attention to the last words of the instructors: do what you already do and then apply what you’ve learned about encaustic. Three hours later I put that board on my shelf and prepared the next pieces I have to figure out what to do something with.

I have my last big board to work on, 2 board books to play with and an accordion book of plaster gauze to think about.

I worked morning and afternoon in the studio and then cooled off soaking my feet in the inflatable pool they have set up in the shade by the garden. It hit 99 degrees today and I don’t think we’re done with the peak of the day. It was really hot last night. Thank goodness for fans and very quiet sleepers in the little dorm I’m in.


Most of the work shown in the pictures is stuff being done by my fellow classmates or the instructors.  But you can see my 3 little pieces on the shelf there.

Tomorrow is another day and I think I’m going to venture a dip in the river.


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