what I can do….

I can’t help you get your 3 year old to bed at a decent hour in order to be ready to wake up for the bus.  But – if you wake him up and put him on the bus I can get him good and tired with a full day of preschool so that maybe setting a bed time is easier for you.

I can’t help you solve all the problems of sibling rivalry and the chaos it creates in your home but I can help your preschooler practice good social skills with peers and teachers and maybe bring some of those skills home.

I can’t potty train your preschooler but I can make sure they visit the bathroom with all their friends and get a constant visual of “how it’s done.”

I can’t be there when your preschooler comes home with paintings or tells you all about their day or shows you with sheer joy how proud and capable they feel because of their school experience but you can.


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