24 hours later

yesterday I wanted to quit

16 children under the age of 5

only 5 of them have ever been in a school situation before

4 of them have to be reminded to go to the bathroom…..often

one pooped in his pants yesterday

I don’t have a changing table so I’m cleaning poop off a standing child

Not fun

no matter the thoughtful and repetitious demonstrations about how we care for our classroom supplies and how everything has a place and doing a little clean up before we move on

It’s a forever lesson I know….

We’ve only been in session for 4 days but we’re still figuring out the wrinkles in our schedule

so despite poopy pants and getting 10 feet of train track back in a box and tiny pills of playdough off a table and scraped off the bottom of shoes we have to get to lunch at a specific time or our window for a somewhat sedate lunch is gone like the wind….

we barely made it yesterday

and everything I know about teaching young children was not happening

we washed our hands with baby wipes  – big no-no  …..we were flying down the hall pulling kids sideways, they are screaming with delight – not okay in a school building …..and we are plopping kids on stools and plunking food on their plates and commanding them to eat – quick – because the bus will be there in 25 minutes

and when I finally buckled the last kid into those twisted and complicated straps on a hot and sticky bus I went back to the classrom and put my head down on the desk and thought to myself “how am I ever going to make it this year!”

but 24 hours later after going much more slowly through a day and checking in with James at least 10 times today about what to do if he has to go poop

I made it through another day

and I don’t want to quit

because I was a good teacher today

and I know why they give me 16 kids under the age of 5

because what I do will help the next teacher

with 24 kids under the age of 6


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