Lessons from a Pirate


In case you don’t know about my pirates, read this post.

I stand facing Captain M. on the swinging bridge on the playground. With arms grasping the rails on each side, his stance is assertive and he looks me keenly in the eye.

“You must say the password to cross!” he commands.

“You mean like ‘open sesame’ or ‘abra ca dabra’?” I ask. I’ve played guessing games with pirates on the playground before, usually every word I guess seems to spark a new idea for a password in the gleaming eye of the pirate. I never learn the password but I do find out a lot about the pirate.

I’m thinking about how this might play out with Captain M when he says earnestly, “No I mean the real password.”

I realize he actually has a word in mind and isn’t likely to change it but I have no clue where it might have come from.  I’m not very up on the movies and games kids are engaged with these days.

“Ok, could you give me a little hint?” I plead.

“Yes. Listen.” And he leans to whisper in my ear:





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