Monthly Archives: January 2016

french press

every morning I put my water on to boil and do some stretching exercises

……..sometimes I put less water in the kettle

I pour the water over the grinds
and go to stretch again

Some mornings I am back at the counter too soon
and have to wait.
Other mornings my mind drifts,
the cat purrs against my outstretched arms and legs.

Either way,
it’s 5 minutes for the perfect cup of coffee.

I can’t really tell you
which kind of stretching makes the perfect day.


Thinking about stance – more than just posture, but surely a way of being.image


January corners


have you seen her?

Preoccupied at the parking meter
calculating how many quarters I would need for 45 minutes of time,
I was distracted by a low purr from the street.

I glanced over and my heart did a little dance.

Black helmet,
white hip length jacket,
knee high boots,
red lace skirt.

My inner 20 year old, the one I haven’t heard from in awhile –
(since I took up a sensible rain coat, coin purse for parking meters,
and bag for library books,)

purred too.

If I was twenty-something now,
I’d want to be That Girl.

(have you seen your inner twenty-something recently?)

gold, common sense, and fur