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Day 5

Facebook photo challenge

The challenge is for seven days, to post a nature-themed photo and each day nominate a new person. I was nominated by: GasMcGil – otherwise known as my sister and her hubby.
I fell behind in my duties to nominate someone new every day so I’m going to try to catch up with the tagging aspect of this challenge.

I did tag Meril Davenport and she is playing faithfully!  So 2nd tag: my sister, Katie Trent and her husband, Barry Trent because I haven’t seen enough of your travel photos.
3rd tag: sister-in-law Carolyn Wildman – I don’t see enough of your home space and travels either.
4th tag: Deanna Carter – because your doctor told you to go outside everyday.
And today, I tag Janet Ott because she’s always looking – and seeing – beauty in this world. Check the link you guys to find out the rules and come play.

My Backyard Beauty for today: (from Swanson’s nursery just down the block from my Seattle friend)


Day 4

Facebook photo challenge – Three more days to go.  Apparently the challenge doesn’t have to be over consecutive days, but hey, I’m on a roll.  March 1st I start my daily writing challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers so this photo challenge is getting me warmed up. (Check out the Daily Slice challenge by TWT – it is fun and supportive to be a part of.)

Backyard Beauty – from a ditch in Couer D’Alene


Day 3

Facebook photo challenge – although I guess I’m not really doing the challenge correctly because I’m not tagging a new person to join the challenge each time I post.  Tag is exhausting – if you want to come play, just do it!!

Anyway – Backyard Beauty 3 – taken in LaConner, Wa on my birthday last November:




Day 2

Photo challenge day 2

Backyard Beauty – pic from a snow day walk from my actual back yard – an empty lot


OK – I’m in…

Nature challenge, day 1. The idea is to flood Facebook with the beauty of nature, starting the new year with positive images.
The challenge is for seven days, to post a nature-themed photo and each day nominate a new person. I was nominated by: GasMcGil – otherwise known as my sister and her hubby.
Today, I nominate Meril Davenport, to take the challenge. I am sure you will share interesting nature shots.

Copy and paste the comment above (change the day), post a nature shot each day for seven days (non consecutive, if you wish) and nominate someone new each day to do the same. Enjoy!

Here is my first Backyard Beauty – taken from the back door of the school where I work in Everson, Wa.  I love the dramatic sky I often see there, and if the clouds aren’t low, you can see mountain peaks across the border in Canada.



dust bunnies

she was supposed to be gone hours ago

early this morning she telephoned to ask if we’d take care of her cat –
she was headed south to be with her dad who was coming out of hospital

her sister would be joining her to do some research into “facilitities”

“too soon,” says dad

this was the conversation we had midday on the stairs
she was taking her trash out, purple cleaning gloves on her hands

she was supposed to be gone hours ago

but now in late afternoon I hear vacuuming upstairs, every single room

cleaning dust bunnies from every nook and cranny is easier than difficult conversations

Note from Wendy

I feel abandoned; I admit it.  You’ve all flown off to sunny-warm-peaceful-lazy-dazy-sleep in-and swim-at-night Hawaii and I’m here alone in cusp-of-spring-but-more-like-winter-sometimes blue-but cold-and-yes wet-PNW February.

I saw the first signs I would be in this situation after Christmas when you packed away your trees or put them by the curb and stopped talking about the warm glow of family time and began haunting internet airline and VRBO sites hunting down points and rental cars and sleeping accomodations.  I noticed when your cheeks began to burn in mid-January because you’d made your plans, a result of your reluctance to share the secret of your plans to run away with us, the “Left Behind.” While we celebrated and counted the additional minutes of daylight each day with joy, you were madly counting your days until take-off, dreaming at night of warm sunlight, beaches and ocean breezes.

Work and reality kept me from the full realization of my abandonment until the Facebook photos appeared: bare toes at the edge of ocean beach scenes, drinks sparkling on little tables close at hand, fish caught fresh for dinner.  But it wasn’t until the photos stopped that I really felt the slap – because you are now really gone.

You’re having fun, you’ve left reality behind, you are in Never Never Land with Peter Pan. No pirates, no crocodiles, no ticking clocks.

And I’m here with my shadow!  Friends and Countrymen! Could you at least send Tinkerbell to keep me company?


Retail therapy

Sifting through beads near the front windows of your shop, I overheard bits and pieces of your conversation with the twenty-something who drifted in just after me.  You greeted her in a way that told me she was a regular visitor but not an acquaintance outside of the shop.

You asked how she was doing and I heard all the aspects of F.I.N.E. in her voice and stories.

And you listened.

And you asked questions.

And you named her strengths.

You kept your eye on your shop and continued to offer me assistance throughout the conversation and when I came to the counter for my purchase, I wanted to say thank you out loud for the retail therapy I was witnessing.  But I didn’t of course.

I’ll just be back to your shop.