Daily Archives: 02/25/2016

OK – I’m in…

Nature challenge, day 1. The idea is to flood Facebook with the beauty of nature, starting the new year with positive images.
The challenge is for seven days, to post a nature-themed photo and each day nominate a new person. I was nominated by: GasMcGil – otherwise known as my sister and her hubby.
Today, I nominate Meril Davenport, to take the challenge. I am sure you will share interesting nature shots.

Copy and paste the comment above (change the day), post a nature shot each day for seven days (non consecutive, if you wish) and nominate someone new each day to do the same. Enjoy!

Here is my first Backyard Beauty – taken from the back door of the school where I work in Everson, Wa.  I love the dramatic sky I often see there, and if the clouds aren’t low, you can see mountain peaks across the border in Canada.