Day 5

Facebook photo challenge

The challenge is for seven days, to post a nature-themed photo and each day nominate a new person. I was nominated by: GasMcGil – otherwise known as my sister and her hubby.
I fell behind in my duties to nominate someone new every day so I’m going to try to catch up with the tagging aspect of this challenge.

I did tag Meril Davenport and she is playing faithfully!  So 2nd tag: my sister, Katie Trent and her husband, Barry Trent because I haven’t seen enough of your travel photos.
3rd tag: sister-in-law Carolyn Wildman – I don’t see enough of your home space and travels either.
4th tag: Deanna Carter – because your doctor told you to go outside everyday.
And today, I tag Janet Ott because she’s always looking – and seeing – beauty in this world. Check the link you guys to find out the rules and come play.

My Backyard Beauty for today: (from Swanson’s nursery just down the block from my Seattle friend)


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