Daily Archives: 03/04/2016

of bones and happy hour

My friend and I arranged a month ago to attend an event featuring author Ruth Ozeki chatting about her documentary, Halving the Bones.  I was really looking forward to it.  At the last minute we found out we should have reserved a spot at this “free” event.  We hadn’t and now it was “sold out.”  Bummer.

A young woman in my friend’s life said, “Who cares!  Just go out for a girl’s night!”  So we did.  Wine and appetizers and conversation. We are already thinking of where we might go try another happy hour some time.

Happy Hour – I never did this as a young woman.  My daughter does it all the time.  The younger teachers at school do this.  I know why I didn’t do it when I was their age – no money, 2  kids, a husband who worked swing so no time to get away either.

But there is no excuse now.  Well maybe the money thing but we can become Happy Hour coupon shoppers!

So while I am truly sorry I didn’t get to see Ozeki’s film, I am really thankful these bones of mine got to sit across from another bundle of bones and chew the fat.