many blessings and OLW

What I love about all the trappings that go with my faith is the lens they provide to view the world and myself. Stories, traditions, sacraments, community – it all adds up to some pretty rich ways to push on the way I decide to be human in the world.

This is a really round-about way to share the “vision” board I’ve made to go with my One Little Word this year – rubato. (the temporary disregarding of strict tempo to allow an expressive quickening or slackening, usually without altering the overall pace.) Crazy word, I know! but it is the kind of word that lets me be creative in a million ways.

How I want to connect with this word is challenging to explain but mostly I feel it is a way to think about my humanness.  Rubato to me is about the tempo I decide to set each hour of my day, the tenor of my life in the presence I have in the lives of those around me – whether with sound or silence, and the emotional engagement I bring to life.

About the time I was playing around with visioning my word, I started to read the blessings in Jan L. Richardson’s newest book, Circle of Grace. I found one that made me think of my word so I decided to illustrate it with my photos.  I would never have been introduced to Ms. Richardson’s writings and art if it hadn’t been for my faith community.

I am thankful for that and here is my “phoetry” for this blessing I’m choosing to go with my OLW, rubato:


rubdrube rubf ruba

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6 responses to “many blessings and OLW

  • mayawoodall

    Your word seems so much more filled with peace. Perhaps my approach is lacking.

  • franmccrackin

    Wow. Wonderful word- thank you for teaching it to me. Beautiful photos. You have given me something to contemplate. Your word is about time but your artwork is about ceasing to measure time. I love the phrase “each hindering thing.” Much to carry with me from your post.

  • MAK

    At first I thought it was a typo, Phoetry, and then I thought better. I am so glad I opened up your blog as your phoetry was just what I thought it might be. Your photos and poetry are beautiful.

  • mgminer

    The intentional use of rubato is the mark of a true musician. Non-intentional use is quite another matter. I love the idea of “phoetry.” Thanks for all I learn from you!

  • Barbara Mathers-Schmidt


    Thank you for your phoetry– for all the contemplating and digging and feeling fully that you inspire–and for the gift of trusted friendship. I love being launched into new ways of thinking and experiencing–rubato is now a favorite tempo.


    Sent from my iPhone


  • fireflytrails

    You continue to spark my thinking and put new wrinkles in my brain! Thank you! I love your OLW and your phoetry. Such a beautiful blessing and a “sending forth” of more grace into this world!

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