Daily Archives: 03/07/2016

one pot

imageI read a post somewhere recently where the author was striving to have a minimum of cookware.  She was looking to buy one really good pot. I would like to encourage this endeavor.

When I got engaged 34 years ago and dutifully went to the Bon Marche to register for wedding gifts, I listed a set of RevereWare pots on my dad’s advice.  Someone bought them for me, can’t remember who, but they are still with me and remain my primary set of “one pots.”

I have a big one that probably holds 4 quarts with two handles on the sides and then 2 sauce pans,  2 quart and 1 1/2 quart.  The handles on the big one have to be tightened every so often and the little pan has a dent in it because I bashed it against my sink in an angry fit one night but otherwise they are in great shape.

My daughter got married 7 years ago and received some doubles of “very nice pots” so she’s given me two: one is big enough to cook corn on the cob and the other has a strainer for pasta.  I have been able to make-do with my RevereWare because I’m really not much of a cook and would probably have made it through the next 34 years. My son-in-law likes to cook so we’ll see how they fare with the pots they have on hand.

How about you?  Have you got “one pot” or a cupboard full of pots?  Are there some that never see the light of day and some that are in such use they never get put away?