Daily Archives: 03/13/2016

another way to get my fix

Sitting tonight with Minister of Christian Formation at our church reflecting on the second session of our work together as teachers for this year’s confirmation class, both of us remarked on how much we enjoy these young people.  For Sharry, it is a class she gets to lead every year, a perk of her job.  I volunteered this year at the last minute and so it is now a perk of my church participation.

I’ve always loved working with kids.  I babysat, worked as a camp counselor and went into teaching as a career. As a teacher I am around students at school in all sorts of ways – my own classroom, in the lunchroom, after school and summer programs. My own kids are grown and out of the house and I don’t have grandkids yet – so work and church are the ways I continue to get my “fix.”

Some time in the future, I will retire, later rather than sooner I’m afraid, and I will be glad to be away from the pressures of teaching.  But I never want to be too far away from working with young people. image