Daily Archives: 03/16/2016

eye wonder as eye wander

imageSometimes I get really lost in editing photos in Picasa.  I love to open each photo and notice where my eyes go, then try to crop and high light what was most eye catching.  I often take pictures because I’m attracted to the texture I see in front of me but when I get the pictures onto the computer other whole worlds open up.

Last weekend I wandered around my friend’s wet and cold and newly green Seattle garden.  I found old and new growth that captured my interest.  Tonight, when I loaded the pictures up and began my little eye tour, I found a secret garden, only visible when I look, and look again, and look once more.

I saw a vibrant and colorful garden and a delicately contrasting black and white garden.

5-deannas mar 20165-deannas mar 20161