Daily Archives: 03/17/2016

allemande left

imageBitterness came to call today
why on this day with such blue in the sky
and such a happy disposition in the air?

A little shadow of darkness,
images of Winnie the Pooh strutting about,
“tut, tut, looks like rain!”

but it doesn’t! and it shouldn’t! and it wouldn’t have!
except for this little niggling of doubt,
whisper of worry

damning root…….

“Out! Out! Damn spot!”

How dare you insinuate yourself into my life this way!

Quick! Light the candle!
Now! Get the broom!

Surgeon! Scalpel!
Inhale! Roses!

Shuffle shuffle, slide
and allemande left and allemande right,
dosido your partner
all the way home tonight!

“Tut, tut,

Looks like………..”