imageI wrote a poem a few days ago about feeling bitter.

My mom called to ask if everything was all right. “You sounded down in the dumps.”

“No, mom, it’s just that I occasionally have negative thoughts.”

“Well I guess I do too but I don’t write about them.”

These words from my mom imply an unspoken question: “Why do you write about bad feelings?”  More to the point: “Why do you publish poems about your bad feelings?”

Blogs are easy places to rant and when I started by first blog, it was because I wanted to rant. It still happens occasionally.  But mostly I want to write and self expression is a deep source. I don’t need to spit out all the details of how it came to be I had those bitter feelings that day.

Writing allows me the opportunity to turn the question back on myself – turn to wonder as Parker Palmer prods us to do. What did the events of that day teach me about myself?


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5 responses to “instead

  • maribethbatcho

    A lot of people refuse to write about the bad feelings, even though the bad feelings are provocative. I wish more people would write about the bad feelings, both for me their reader, but also for themselves as there is something from within that comes out when you write about it. A purging. An understanding that wasn’t there before. So write on…

  • MaryHill

    I too use my blog as a way to express my thoughts, both negative and positive, of the day. I use it to reach others with realism. I will have to go read your post now. It is good to keep things honest so that others can learn from your experiences.

  • marymary219

    This gives me something to think about when I contemplate blogging after SOL. Thank you!

  • paulabourque

    Imagine how impoverished our literary canon would be if authors only penned those ‘good feelings’? Facing our fears, struggles, and challenges through our writing puts us in touch with our humanity. Blogs are safe spaces to explore and experiment. If you were feeling bitter, why would you write about exuberance or trepidation? Writing through those feelings is powerful. WRITE ON!

  • fireflytrails

    Overwhelmingly negative words sound like “blah, blah, blah,” after a while, but I found your post to be very reflective, and it also caused me to think about some things in my own life, even though it wasn’t at all about me. Thank you for sharing your true thoughts.

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