Daily Archives: 03/23/2016

little gifts

A week ago Tuesday, one of our newest staff members, sent out an email inviting us to participate in a little week of secret gifting.  There are staff members who are secret pals for the whole year, but this was an invitation to 5 days worth of gifting with a strict dollar amount for each day.

imageShe created little questionnaire for each participant to fill out about our favorite hot drinks, cold drinks, candy, flower and scent preferences and if there was any one thing to stay away from. Those who wanted to play along folded and taped their questionnaire to the white board in the staff room and last Friday we picked one so we could prep for being sneaky secret little Easter bunnies.

I had a fun weekend thinking about what I would give to my honey-bunny staff member and preparing little packages to deposit in her mail box each day. I’ve also been receiving little surprises of my own: a little bag with two big York mints, a homemade batch of lemon bars, (mom I promise I will share,) and today a gift certificate to a local coffee shop.

But I believe the best gift is the spirit of it all.  Report cards are done, spring break is coming up – yes, those things help the general demeanor of the staff.  But secret pals – c’mon!  You’ve got to admit, that is waaaay better!