Love language

Our school has some classes that partner up for activities, older and younger.  Sometimes it is for book reading or an art project.  Sometimes it is “just because.”

My class is lucky to fall into the latter category.  It began early in the year when a 5th grade teacher noticed my preschoolers in puppy bunches in the hallway on the way to lunch and asked if I could use some help from her students.  It was an offer I would never refuse and has been a Godsend.

Since then, her students come down for our last 10 minutes before lunch and join into whatever our class is doing at the time and then help us wash up for lunch.  A few of them even bring their lunch trays back and eat with us in the classroom.

The fifth graders help with the kindergarten class too and the teacher there has noted that her students are learning “love language” from these powerful older role models.  Her students adore these 5th graders as much as mine do.

I would like to give special credit to these two 5h grade teachers who run their classes with the kind of positive energy and dedicated relationship building I’ve seen in church youth groups.  There is a special vibe in that class this year due to the work of Tara and Jamie and my students are benefiting from it too.

Today I took my students in to an all school assembly for the first time this year because we were dedicating our new playground.  I asked Tara if my kids could sit in the laps of her kids. “Absolutely,” she said.  My kids sat through an hour long assembly on a gym floor and I credit their attention and engagement to their sweet 5th grade caregivers.image

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2 responses to “Love language

  • fireflytrails

    So excited and thankful to read about these positive relationships in your school! So many times these days, these kinds of relationships get overlooked in the name of “teaching the standards.” What those folks don’t realize is that this nurturing environment is the best way to learn – as your post describes!

  • mayawoodall

    How sweet! That is such a neat relationship to have with the older kids.

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