Daily Archives: 03/26/2016


I saw azaleas for sale at Winco today and was reminded of one of our first neighbors in the condo complex we live in now.  Bill moved in about the same time we did and planted 6 azaleas in the little patch he had by his front door. He dutifully tended them.  He was also very attentive to his mint condition Lincoln Continental.

Only one azalea made it to the next year.  Bill got really sick and was in a nursing home for awhile. He returned to his condo for another year but told us he knew he was living on borrowed time.  When he died, a nephew came to pick up that pristine Continental.

My husband and I and Bill were among the first people to move into this 25 unit complex.  Thinking of him today made me aware of the fact that Mike and I were also among the first to live in the small cul de sac we raised our kids in for 25 years.  Others came and went but we were the last of the “original” owners to finally move away.

I’m wondering if it will be the same in this complex.  Already there have been two owners in the unit above us and Bill’s place is home to a young couple now.  The complex seems to be a mix of young couples and middle age-close-to-retirement people like us.  We’ve been here for 10 years now; it will be interesting to see who comes and goes over the next decade. image