Daily Archives: 03/30/2016


Sometimes when I get stuck in my writing I try to name whatever essential emotion I am feeling in the moment and then track down its source and write about it. Today, the word that popped into my head to describe how I feel right now is “stymied.”

And —- (because I love going on little word hunts thanks to my dad, he was well known to bring dictionaries and encyclopedias to the dinner table while we were growing up….)
And—- (thanks to my techy devices which make it soooooooo easy to traipse down rabbit holes and wander in wordy wonderlands…..)

I looked up the word “stymied.”  Humph!  I thought for sure it would have something to do with “sty” because when one is stymied, one certainly feels mired in mud, but no!  The word stymied (definition “a situation or problem presenting difficulties as to discourage or defeat any attempt to deal with or resolve it”) seems to have originated as a golf term.

(who wouldda thunk?)
from the Scottish word for “person who sees poorly.”

So if I am truly stymied, perhaps there is something I am not seeing. image