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April shorts – 15

Another lesson from my pirate

It was a rough day for my pirate on Thursday.  Not really sure what was in the wind but he was up the mast most of the day, taunting every passing ship seeking to engage in a battle of wits or worse.

And finally worse happened and he was taken aboard the ship of the school principal – and had to sit in the hold for awhile.

By the time he was brought back to his own ship, it was time for some story writing.  As master of the deck log, I was wondering what our lead pirate would have to record for this particular day.

“What do you want to write about today?” I asked.
“About my new chick.”
“What about your chick? Zero? isn’t that his name?”
“We keep the chicks in our shed.  I have to be calm or Mom says his little heart could jump too fast and he could die.””Whoa!  So how do you calm down?”
“Like this..” and he took a big breath.

Thank you mom of my little pirate, you are a genius. bird