Daily Archives: 04/16/2016

April shorts – 16

Tonight I decided to walk to my church – took me 50 minutes – to attend a soup dinner and talent show.  The talents ranged from the bell choir, to some poetry reading, a dance by a family with their 3 year old, an 8th grader playing guitar and singing, joke telling and drumming – all over the course of a couple of hours.  This Saturday night had me reflecting……

I’m learning a new way of telling time.
It has nothing to do with big hands and little hands,
quarters, halves, wholes
tick or tock.

It has to do with fullness.

You hear that phrase sometimes:
“the fullness of time.”
I’m beginning to get it.

Just like when I eat slowly,
and my stomach fills up and I don’t need to finish what’s on my plate.
When I just sit quietly,
or walk instead of ride,
what happens in those moments piles up like sparkling snowflakes,
magical and memorable,
more substantial than anything I could’ve scheduled
or made an appointment for
in time.