Daily Archives: 04/17/2016

April shorts – 17

Perhaps you remember these ads that came out awhile ago: Ejector ad

Well that’s my denomination.  Today I attended the last day of a 3-day, cross country event installing the Reverend John Dorhauer as the new general president of the United  Church of Christ.

Just the fact that he chose to come to a church in Seattle is pretty cool but this is what made the day incredible:

  1. I attended with 6 youth from our church and they were all given specific roles to do in this event.
  2. One of the “vision” speakers during the ceremony was a Muslim woman from a local mosque who spoke in appreciation of Dorhauer’s recent call to all the UCC churches across the country to support and protect Muslims in their communities against acts of hate.  She shared historical examples of Christians and Muslims working throughout history to support each other.
  3. This was a common message among all the speakers today that we celebrate diversity and work together to promote good and justice in the world.