April shorts – 26


do you remember when you first learned about trust – learned the meaning of it, experienced it, exercised it?

I know I was trusting people long before I actually knew what it meant.  I trusted my parents, my teachers, my Girl Scout leaders, my siblings,  my friends.

And then there came a point in time when someone put their trust in me and the world flipped on its side and I finally really knew what trust meant!   I was on the other side of the worm hole and trust was a real thing.

How often do you think about trust now – now that you are older and take so much trust for granted?

I love being made aware of trust – of the faith I really do have in others and in institutions and in myself.


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2 responses to “April shorts – 26

  • maribethbatcho

    Interesting topic you write about here, as it is a hot topic in my life right now. There has been a tremendous amount of breach of trust in my life during the past year, that I don’t know who to trust other than my husband…I think about it quite a bit.
    You are correct when you say that, as adults, we tend to take trusts for granted. I know I did. But that can all change very quickly, and without apparent warning. Poof….
    Be well!

  • MAK

    Trust is such a significant thing in our lives that we don’t notice until it has been damaged. I have been in a similar place lately and have been forced to reflect on it. One thing I have learned is that trust builds through immediate conversation. It is broken when things are held back. I am committed to talking right away in an effort to keep what trust there is.

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