Daily Archives: 05/02/2016

5/2 May-be

Our district is doing a lot of interviewing for positions for next year.  Some of the other districts in the area are as well and so some of our current staff are looking to move to schools closer to home or just to move on to something new.  It will be interesting to come back after summer and see how the dust has settled out and what kinds of new is waiting.

I’m part of the old dust.  Not as old as some of the staff here but of an age that I have been asked more than once how long I plan on continuing to work. The answer is: for more years than I would probably wish but I’m not ready to leave yet anyway.

I like teaching, I get something new out of every year mostly because I do something new every year.  I do have some kids who return to my class because they entered as three year olds but the make-up of the group is different from year to year. There is always a new focus for learning from the district and/or my building and I enjoy being challenged to think more deeply and teach more intentionally.

But some staff my age are done – they are done – and it saddens me that for whatever reason, whether it is not being able financially to retire or not ready to let go of the routine of work, or a combination of the two, they continue to teach.

I worry it will happen to me.  I know I can let go of the routine but it will be a while until I’m ready financially.  But because of that I think I work  harder to stay positive and engaged and dedicated to this work which I believe is one of the most challenging careers out there. 1-IMG_2066