5/27 May-be

I went to a fairly large mall a week ago to buy a gift card at the American Girl doll store for my niece.  My visit there brought so many disconcerting feelings.  On the one hand, I wished I was a 10 year old girl again so I could drool and save my pennies for things in that doll store.  On the other hand, I was disgusted by the amount of stuff I saw in the mall: piles of clothes on display stands, racks and racks of the same clothes in different stores, showcase after showcase of clothing and shoes and handbags.

I felt a huge compulsion to come home and clean out my closet – not so I could justify shopping for something new, but because I felt disgusted with myself for having any amount of anything at all.  I just wanted to throw it all aside, pare down to the minimum and move into a 10×10 trailer.

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