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5/16 May-be

Parenting is hard.  I am thankful one of the little things I get to do in my job is tell a parent they are doing a great job.

Sometimes I really mean it.  Sometimes I’m just saying it.  Either way, a parent needs to hear they are doing important work.

I had a few people who did that for me when I was in the midst of the mess of being a full time parent.  I was so thankful for their belief in me; surely it spilled something good into the work I was trying to do.

5/15 May-be

there is a rock in my shoe –
but I walk on.
it isn’t enough to bother about
this minute.

finally I stop
to drink water,
and behold!
the rock in my shoe
is a pebble of gold!

now what?
surely if I had wings
I would fly home with this treasure
and leave my shoes on the hillside!

but I don’t,
thank goodness.
so I am walking again,
the little bit of gold in my pocket
and wisdom in my shoes
going home.

5/14 May-be

Nostalgia blooms abundantly
in those places where we’ve gardened
the most.

Heirloom beauties, new fancies,
our tried-and-trues,
those memories bound with hardy roots
nurture growth from tender shoots.

For me it is my summer plot
that produces a bumper crop.

5/13 May-be

i put the poem aside
to simmer for the night
but to no avail.

perhaps the wrong cut
of words.

5/12 May-be

Apparently I’m lopsided.  I’ve been going to a physical therapist for the last 3 weeks to learn how to strengthen muscles supporting my back and core and mostly what she has brought to my attention is how tilted I am. My shoulders slope but now I see how my right shoulder is lower than my left and how my hips are mismatched no matter how I much I straighten the wasteband on my underwear.  The PT even measured my legs one day just to be sure she wasn’t working against nature to get me to unlop my lop.

Noticing is the first step to doing something so with my new awareness I am trying to stretch myself straight.  I’ve been doing the new exercises and it all feels good but oh, I get so tired.  As if May wasn’t already a heavy workout month!  Better late than never though.

5/11 May-be

I woke up at 3:30 am this morning – and knew I wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep.  I put my ear buds in and tapped my radio on, setting the timer for 60 minutes just in case I nodded off again.

I listened a little bit and enjoyed just being cozy in my covers with the cat and Mike sleeping next to me. And even though I couldn’t get back to sleep, it was great to lie there thinking ahead to a few weeks from now when I won’t even be setting a morning alarm.

5/10 May-be

kindness to self, day 2

homemade chocolate chip cookieskindness
fresh from the oven

because today seemed endless
I expect tomorrow will seem long too
especially because it ends with a trip to the dentist

last time I went to the dentist
I had a milkshake for dinner

5/9 May-be

So I’m venturing into the kindness challenge with a week focused on self kindness.  One of the ways I try to be kind to myself is to process raw feelings in writing, often poetry. Today I was at work  and watching others around me and that little worm of self doubt started to gnaw at me.  I decided to write about it and here is my poem for today:

What If

It is still so easy,
so-o-o easy
to go to that place of self doubt
and persistent knocking from the question:
What if?

And the feelings behind the “what ifs”
are really
just shoulda-coulda-wouldas bundled tightly in cocoons,
soggy, with no hope for change.
Definitely not the unfurled, damp wings of a real “What if?”

A real “what if” will slip through a mail slot,
wash ashore on a high tide,
get caught in a branch,
turn up in the wash,
or in a pocket.

A real “what if”
just fell behind because of a loose shoelace,
was out of tune with a broken guitar string,
took time to find its way
because of a lost address,
has my name all over it.

A real “what if”
can be reclaimed
from the lost and found,
built from the re-purposed,
drafted in the re-imagined,
become reality.

A real “what if”
is just waiting
on the other side of “yet” and “but” and “maybe”
for me to show up.
For Me
to show up.


5/8 May-be

A Kindness Challenge – I can hardly wait to dive in – maybe you’d like to join too.  Here’s the info from blog titled The Richness of a Simple Life


I learned about it from another blogger – you might like to check that site out too, I know I love reading it: Haddon Musings

Happy Mother’s Day to moms, mentors, caring-lovely-friends and children everywhere.

5/7 May-be

Dear Mom,
I hope you are having a good time on your cruise to Alaska.  Thank you so much for the use IMG_4460of your home for my “crafty ladies retreat” day.  The weather was incredible and so we were able to be out on your deck making a mess!

Sarah painted some gingko leaves with glue for a batik and Sandy, Deanna and I got busy making Sharpie tie-dye IMG_4470scarves with the silk I ordered.  It was a blast and so easy!

We’ll have to schedule a day like that when you are home because I know you would love to IMG_4463join right in.

See you soon, Amelia

silk three